Performance Assessment Questionnaire (PAQ)

  • Choose the one which best describes yourself.
  • 4. In the section below, please describe the participant’s strengths and/or weaknesses relative to the six leadership competencies listed.

  • Articulating the vision, understanding current reality, implementing a strategy, identifying goals and measures.
  • Organizing tasks & responsibilities, clarifying expectations, implementing plans and following through, tracking progress & course correcting, leading meetings.
  • Delegating when possible, coaching and mentoring, providing praise & constructive feedback, creating a culture of learning, developing tomorrow's leaders.
  • Working effectively with others, building trusting relationships, facilitating teamwork, negotiating win/win solutions, supporting interdependence.
  • Articulating ideas & opinions, fostering discussion & debate, “checking out” assumptions, listening to points of view of others, building mutual understanding.
  • Influencing others, modeling organizational values (walking the talk), building an engaging work environment, working ON the business, not IN the business, selling the vision.
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