A high performing organization requires high performing individuals. Simple, right? But developing and sustaining that level of peak performance can be a challenging task, often requiring more than a training solution.


We can help.


Our one-on-one coaching programs are rigorous, collaborative, and focus squarely on results. We use assessments and interviews to establish an accurate starting point and commit to a constructive and candid delivery of all feedback. How we see ourselves and how others see us can vary significantly. Too large of a gap creates a significant performance challenge. Our coaching seeks to close this gap by providing objective and honest feedback in support of another’s growth and development. This is like having a “Dutch Uncle”, a term used to describe a person committed to providing candid feedback to another in the hopes they will grow and benefit from the information.


Who’s Your Dutch Uncle?


Coaching Approach:

Our process is adapted from the Grow Model of Coaching, first developed by Alan Fine and used extensively in the world of executive and/or business coaching. The model focuses on the following four areas:


The end point, where a client wants to be. The goal is clearly defined so a client knows when they have achieved it. 

Current Reality

Where a client is now. What are the issues, the challenges…and how far from the goals are they? 


What are the obstacles preventing a client from moving from their current reality to their desired goals? 

Way Forward

Given the obstacles identified, what action steps need to be taken in order to reach the goals? 


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